Sunday, April 08, 2007

Gearingg up for Kellogg

Maybe it's just the caffeine from the Diet Cherry Coke I've been drinking, but every time I go on the Kellogg website I get overly excited. Today I looked at the details of the accelerated course/waiver forms. I'm going to try to get in to Turbo Finance, Turbo Accounting, and hopefully the accelerated Decision Sciences course.

I've also been getting pretty excited about the KWEST trips. These are week-long, typically international trips that kick off the start of Kellogg. My top choices are going to be skiing in Chile or Argentina, with the more exotic destinations (Vietnam? Ecuador?) as my secondary picks.

I've also met some other fun Bay Area Kellogg admits in the past few weeks. It seems like we're having a party nearly every weekend.

Work is transitioning nicely--I've got minimal work to do during the week, which leaves me time to mess around with some projects that I'm trying to code, including software to support some chess drills from the book "Rapid Chess Improvement" and some mental math drills from a book I used to study for the GMAT.


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